Hit Cancer for Six

Join us and Hit Cancer for Six by donating $6 for every six your club hits this summer. Every six you hit can help raise $30,000 for Cancer Council SA's skin cancer prevention programs.

  • Paul Ge just donated $500
  • Guy just donated $50
  • Club lucky square just donated $50
  • Kathryn just donated $21.10
  • Jayne Berryman just donated $50
  • Marie just donated $52.75
  • Tredwell Management Services just donated $52.75
  • Nicola just donated $50
  • Kay Wuttke just donated $31.65
  • Moses B just donated $50
  • Women's Cricket just donated $158.25
  • Jesse Maniel just donated $52.75
  • Anonymous just donated $520
  • Joy, Wayne and Alexa just donated $52.75
  • Men's Cricket just donated $674
  • Michael Wann just donated $52.75
  • Tiffany Finlay just donated $31.65
  • David Robinson just donated $52.75
  • Anonymous just donated $31.65
  • Jason VanLaarhoven just donated $21.10


Get your club together, register and get ready to hit cancer for six!

Raise money

Fundraising to Hit Cancer for Six is a great way to bring your club together for a good cause with every dollar you raise helping fund Cancer Council SA's vital prevention programs.

Make a difference

Every dollar you raise will help Cancer Cancer SA empower people to reduce their own risk with prevention programs, invest in ground-breaking cancer research and provide essential support to everyone affected by cancer.



Together we can Hit Cancer for Six!

Every day we are getting closer to a cancer free future, and because of your decision to raise funds and hit cancer for six this summer, we are one step closer.

So, will you register, raise funds and help us hit cancer for six?

Contact us

T: 1300 65 65 85

E: events@cancersa.org.au